Why Pooling Is Beneficial

Pooled, multi-purpose railcars maximize utilization by reducing empty miles and switching to minimize network empty flows. TTX cars may be reloaded and routed to any other destination by any railroad eliminating unnecessary costs. This practice also avoids fuel waste helping the rail industry strengthen its green footprint.

Each railroad can use the pooled cars as if they were their own, which means they can reload a TTX car without having to route it back inefficiently to its owner. The additional capacity created by this higher utilization rate means that pooling reduces the need for railroads to spend scarce capital to sustain extra fleets of railcars.

TTX’s shared pool provides three main benefits:

  • Capital avoidance: TTX owns and maintains the railcars so the railroads don’t have to - $12 billion in assets and $700 million/year in maintenance.
  • Lower cost: Pooled cars handle more loads with fewer railcars – our fleet saves railroads a quarter billion dollars in operational costs each year.
  • Shared risk: TTX’s investments serve shippers' needs across the network regardless of how those needs shift.
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