Railroad Ownership

TTX is privately-owned by North America's leading railroads and functions as the industry’s railcar cooperative, operating under pooling authority granted by the Surface Transportation Board the successor to the ICC. Given TTX’s ownership, we seek to maximize railcar efficiency and not margins; TTX is not about pulling profits from the industry but instead about delivering a right-sized, well-maintained fleet, with the lowest possible costs that serve the railroads’ customer’s needs. And, TTX’s members are free to pursue their own car supply strategies too – there is no obligation to use TTX equipment. Finally, the members are permitted to take cars OFF of car hire after a period of five days (called “turn back”); in effect, they only pay for the TTX cars when the cars are needed to move business.

Railroad Logos

Our right-sized, low cost, reliable fleet of over 220,000 railcars and intermodal wells serves North America's railroads and the world's freight needs, from the largest Class I railroads to the smaller regional and short-line railroads alike. The TTX tagline "Next Load, Any Road" is a written reminder of TTX's core mission; providing railcars that can be reloaded at destination reducing empty miles and saving the industry millions in operational costs each year. While TTX ownership is shared by the railroads displayed above, our railcars move freely amongst Class I railroads and hundreds of short-line and regional railroads to deliver freight to a wide variety of industries serving all of North America.