Operating Control Services


Fleet Ownership Support

With one of North America's largest fleets, the TTX team is not only an expert in managing railcar pools, but also in administrating the details of railcar fleet management.  When cars need heavy repairs, TTX makes use of its own shop and Field Maintenance Operations (FMO).  For smaller issues, repairs are made by railroads and TTX mechanically generates audit packages that provide a comprehensive audit based on current AAR Rules and historical trending.  TTX auditors have over 200 years of Mechanical and AAR auditing experience.  We use a web-based audit system that allows for the delivery and handling of exception letters in an online environment and permits electronic interface with repair facilities.  Estimates, invoices, bills, and occasional exceptions are all handled electronically.  TTX has developed electronic controls over defect card activity, lease rebuttal activity (both payable and receivable), and shop activity.  TTX is truly a leader in fleet management services and administration processes.

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