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TTX Today From Our President and CEO

"It is an exciting time to be in the rail industry. TTX, like other rail companies, is making significant investments to meet 21st century needs and can offer diverse career options. TTX is rolling out state of the art computer-based design techniques into product development. Quality practices are being strengthened through increased application of Six Sigma,Lean and other statistical analytic methods. Information systems are being taken to the cutting edge with increasing use of cloud and other emerging technologies. These and other achievements are being made possible by the people of TTX. With these achievements and the investments in the future, TTX does not forget its roots. The company's emphasis on market intelligence, service, and safety continue to add significant value to the North American rail industry. TTX's modest size and commitment to core values continues to promote a work culture where people matter. This is TTX Today."

Thomas F. Wells, TTX Company President and CEO

"I always wanted to work for a smaller company where I would have the opportunity to show my hard work and dedication."